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Contact Information

Keybase Channel: Talk to us by visiting our Keybase channel @coinqvest.public

Keybase Co-Founders: @marcinx (Marcin) or @xiaohu (Stefan)

Email: service [*at*] or contact form.

Blog Posts

Customer Management For Cryptocurrency Payment Processing with COINQVEST
This guide walks you through associating customer information with payments processed through COINQVEST, which enables online merchants to generate compliant transaction history and accounting records as well as to issue invoices, receipts and payment confirmations for clients.

A Guide to Cryptocurrency Payment Processing with COINQVEST and WordPress.
This guide will walk through installation and configuration of the official COINQVEST plugin for WordPress. Learn how to easily accept payments in Bitcoin, Ether or other cryptocurrencies on your WordPress site and settle in your local currency.

Hosted Checkouts with COINQVEST. Cryptocurrency Payment Processing for Online Businesses and E-Commerce.
Hosted checkouts are the easiest way of integrating with COINQVEST. This post explains how to create charges in your local currency and compliantly settle payments originating from multiple blockchains through a responsive payment interface for online businesses and e-commerce sites.

Merchant Payouts with COINQVEST. Withdrawing Funds to Bank Accounts and Cryptocurrency Wallets.
This guide walks you through programmatic (API) and browser-based (UI) withdrawals of settled payments on the COINQVEST platform. Instant payouts on-demand. Learn how to release funds any time you need them.

COINQVEST Cryptocurrency Payment Processing for Non-Developers.
This guide walks you through COINQVEST'S browser-based ad-hoc cryptocurrency payments without programming. It explains how to easily create charges, combine them with customer information, get paid through our hosted checkout solution, and settle into your local currency, without a line of code in sight.

E-Commerce Cryptocurrency Payment Processing with COINQVEST's SDKs for PHP, Ruby and NodeJS.
An introduction to cryptocurrency payment processing with COINVQEST's software development kits for PHP, Ruby and NodeJS. Online merchants and e-commerce sites can now easily accept the most popular cryptocurrencies programmatically and integrate with their own accounting systems.

COINQVEST Wins the 4th Round of the Stellar Community Fund
COINQVEST is ecstatic to announce bringing home top prize in the 4th round of the Stellar Community Fund! We're humbled by the support of the Stellar community and everyone who voted for us to bring compliant cryptocurrency payment processing to online merchants everywhere.

COINQVEST Introduces its Enterprise Cryptocurrency Processing Platform for Online Merchants
COINQVEST has just released its enterprise cryptocurrency payment processing platform. Online merchants can now accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies from clients and settle in their preferred fiat currency (e.g. USD, EUR, NGN, or CAD).

The Beauty of Programmable Money and Real-Time Settlement. From Sales in Bitcoin to your Bank Account in Minutes.
It is now possible to get paid online in digital currencies that live on decentralized, cryptographic ledgers, and turn them into traditional currencies in your bank account, in a snap.

Cryptocurrency Sales. Accounting. Invoicing. Taxes. Solved!
COINQVEST is now here to help you receive cryptocurrency payments online while staying compliant. We provide accounting features, invoicing and tax reports in a currency your accountant understands and is able to work with.

Traditional Versus Modern Payment Methods
Many service industries were demolished and built anew with the internet, what happened to online payments?

Why We Chose Stellar as Payment Rails for Cryptocurrency Settlement
The COINQVEST platform is built with the Stellar Network at its core. Stellar is an infrastructure that transports anything of value just as the internet transports information. Running on top of the network enables us to help online businesses get paid in any popular cryptocurrency and settle funds across blockchains or traditional bank accounts with unmatched speed and transparency.

COINQVEST Integrates with Vetted Stellar Anchors for Seamless Cross-Currency Settlement
Online businesses can now easily accept payments originating on the most popular blockchains such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), and automatically converts captured funds into fiat or a cryptocurrency of their choice. COINQVEST harnesses the power of the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX) and vetted Stellar anchors by settling payments across blockchains and into bank accounts.

Guide: Accept Cryptocurrency Payments with COINQVEST Merchant APIs
This guide will walk you through accepting cryptocurrency payments programmatically with minimal overhead. Make sales in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any asset on the Stellar Network and settle in your preferred fiat currency (e.g. USD, EUR, or NGN) with a few lines of code.

COINQVEST Launches Three Full Validators on the Stellar Network and Co-Establishes SCP Tier 1 Core Quorum Group
COINQVEST isn't only a cryptocurrency payment processor for merchants, but also contributes to the reliability, safety and liveness of the Stellar Network by maintaining three full validators, history archives, and public Horizon servers. Furthermore, we recently co-established the Stellar Tier 1 Core Quorum in close cooperation with other key-entities on the network.

Here to Stay, The Rise of Cryptocurrency in Online Retail
Cryptocurrencies posses real and immediate value beyond pure speculation. Being native to the internet they constitute a real alternative to traditional online payment methods. Below, an overview of the current state of cryptocurrency payments and what the future holds.

Introducing COINQVEST. Enterprise Cryptocurrency Payment Processing. Clean. Convenient. The Future, Now
Cryptocurrencies have taken over the collective mindset of the financial industry. As the popularity of cryptos spreads to main street, innovative companies are finding more and more ways to utilize this new class of currency. COINQVEST is here to help you join the trend and get paid online. Securely, reliably, and fast.

Demo Shop

Let your readers test COINQVEST hosted checkouts from the perspective of a customer.

The demo shop provides three cryptocurrency checkout options, choose one and fly through the checkout process.

Link to hosted checkout demo:

Start Checkout Demo

COINQVEST and Stellar

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