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Sep 10, 2021

How to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments as a Freelancer

COINQVEST allows freelancers and remote workers send and receive money from anyone, anywhere in the world.

Benefits of using Cryptocurrency as a Payment Option

Transacting in cryptocurrencies has several advantages for both freelancers and the companies that hire them. Transaction fees (which often range from 1% to 0%) are typically much lower than standard merchant transaction fees via bank wire transfers or credit cards. This is because each cryptocurrency transactions do not require bank verification.

With cryptocurrency payments, your money arrives quickly as a freelancer, usually within a few minutes. Payment times are much faster than credit card transactions because no centralized institutions are required to check each transaction.

You can request and send money to people in almost any country in the world as a business or as a freelancer. This solves the problem of freelancers and businesses trying to find a common payment method, especially when they are in different countries. Many other national restrictions, such as foreign transaction fees, are reduced or eliminated.

As a result, cross-border collaborations, particularly in developing countries, become much more appealing and workable. Payments large and small can be securely transferred between two parties who have never met. So, how can freelancers accept crypto payments from customers?

Hosted checkouts and invoices with COINQVEST

For freelancers, creating invoices and accepting cryptocurrency payments via COINQVEST is a breeze, especially with hosted checkout and invoice. You can send itemized invoices to your clients anywhere in the world within just a few minutes.

Hosted checkouts are the easiest way of integrating with COINQVEST. Read our post that explains how to create charges in your local currency and compliantly settle payments originating from the most popular blockchains.

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Martin Dominic Banguis Head of Marketing
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