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Apr 28, 2022

Customize Your Hosted Checkout Page with COINQVEST Brand Connect

Learn how to use Brand Connect to design your Checkout Page to best suit your brand and provide a seamless and consistent payment experience for your customers.

COINQVEST's hosted checkout page makes it simple to provide your customers with a seamless and safe payment experience. We're excited to announce that our newest feature, Brand Connect, now allows you to personalize your checkout page.

You may customize the look of your e-commerce checkout page with your logo and brand colors, and you can also contact support to set up your unique domain. During the checkout process, your consumers will see your domain name rather than a COINQVEST URL.

Working with a payment gateway provider allows you to build up your checkout page with a pre-built, tested, and compliant technical solution. The ability to personalize your checkout page ensures a consistent client experience independent of payment method or country.

The Benefits of Personalizing Your Hosted checkout page

The ability to modify your checkout page and use a custom domain has numerous benefits, which we will discuss presently.

1. Increase Customer Trust to Lower Your Cart Abandonment Rate

One of the most common causes for shoppers abandoning their carts is a lack of trust. Make sure your customers know you're still around. They've taken the time to look over your offerings and have made their ultimate decision. Customers are more inclined to trust you at a critical point in the purchasing process if they see your brand name and domain again at checkout (rather than a third-party). This is the point at which customers hand over their personal payment information and finish their purchase.

2. Increase the Visibility of Your Brand

Customizing the look of your checkout page allows you to raise awareness of your brand name and logo, which can help you stay top of mind for your customers now and in the future.

3. Allow the Payment Gateway Provider to handle security and compliance.

A payment gateway is constantly accredited, regulations compliant, code tested, server maintained, and systems and processes updated. Choosing a payment gateway solution gives you an end solution that is ready to use right now. You don't have to worry about technical issues, and we're constantly available to assist you.

4. Provide a Variety of Payment Options

Payment gateways integrate with multiple payment methods so you can have all transactions within one unique dashboard. You may provide your clients with the option of paying in fiat or cryptocurrencies using COINQVEST.

5. Increase the Conversion Rates of Your E-Commerce Site

When customers see your company branding and domain during checkout rather than being transferred to a third-party domain, your conversion rate should increase. Furthermore, giving different payment ways (all in one place) to your clients is critical to ensuring customer pleasure, and a payment gateway can assist you with this.

The more payment options you provide, the easier the checkout process will be for your clients. More alternatives might also help you avoid cart abandonment and boost your conversion rate. You can perform research to find the most commonly used payment methods in the country or market you're targeting.

Get Started and Customize Your Hosted Checkout Today!

To integrate our payment gateway with your platform, use COINQVEST's API and read our developer instructions. Activate Brand Connect now and create your personalized checkout page to securely accept payments from your clients.

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Martin Dominic Banguis Contributor
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