Guides and Tutorials

We're continuously updating and adding to our library of COINQVEST guides and tutorials to help you understand and work with the platform as quickly and conveniently as possible. Below is a list of guides currently available on our blog.

Hosted Checkouts with COINQVEST - Cryptocurrency Payment Processing for Online Businesses and E-Commerce
Hosted checkouts are the easiest way of integrating with COINQVEST. This post explains how to create charges in your local currency and compliantly settle payments originating from the most popular blockchains. All through a responsive user interface interface for mobile phones and desktops.

COINQVEST Cryptocurrency Payment Processing for Non-Developers
This guide walks you through COINQVEST's browser-based ad-hoc cryptocurrency payments without programming. It explains how to easily create charges, combine them with customer information, get paid through our hosted checkout solution, and settle into your local currency, without a line of code in sight.

Accept Cryptocurrency Payments with COINQVEST Merchant APIs
This guide will walk you through accepting cryptocurrency payments programmatically with minimal overhead. Make sales in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any asset on the Stellar Network and settle in your preferred fiat currency (e.g. USD, EUR, or NGN) with a few lines of code.

An Introduction to COINQVEST's Merchant API, Developer Tools, and Event Logs
COINQVEST's Merchant API suite provides a range of software development kits, open-source GitHub repositories as well as guides and tutorials. This post walks you through developer tools that help you integrate with the COINQVEST Merchant API and debug potential issues with ease.

Merchant Payouts with COINQVEST - Withdrawing Funds to Bank Accounts and Cryptocurrency Wallets
This guide walks you through programmatic (API) and browser-based (UI) withdrawals of settled payments on the COINQVEST platform. Instant payouts on-demand. Learn how to release funds any time you need them.

Customer Management For Cryptocurrency Payment Processing with COINQVEST
This guide walks you through associating customer information with payments processed through COINQVEST, which enables online merchants to generate compliant transaction history and accounting records, as well as to issue invoices, receipts, and payment confirmations for clients.