Enterprise Cryptocurrency Payment Processor

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We're working on something exciting. Programmable cross-blockchain settlement for merchants. Your new favorite enterprise cryptocurrency payment gateway and API is coming soon.

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Cryptocurrencies have dramatically transformed the way payments can be accepted over the internet and lowered the entry barrier for merchants to start getting paid. COINQVEST makes it easier than ever to add cryptocurrency payments as a stand-alone solution or implement them into your existing checkout flows using our Merchant APIs or browser based solutions.


COINQVEST merchants benefit from all the advantages of a hosted software as a service. Using COINQVEST it is no longer necessary to continuously monitor various blockchains for payment transactions. It allows you to focus on your core business while leaving the complexities of real-time blockchain settlement to us. Using your COINQVEST cryptocurrency wallets we're able to create payment transactions on your behalf and automatically notify you once the payment has been settled.


Customers can now pay you directly from their computers or mobile phones using their preferred cryptocurrency or fiat token on the Stellar network. COINQVEST converts incoming payments automatically into your cryptocurrency or FIAT token of choice and deposits them by using automated exchange path-finding behind the scenes.


COINQVEST provides all the accounting, reporting and analytics tools to let you work with cryptocurrency payments in a way that satisfies your accounting team and facilitates compliant book-keeping.


Start accepting payment transactions covering the whole range from tiny micro-transactions (valuing fractions of a cent) to very high value industry settlements.